Why Sema City?


Excellent project location: Sema City is being developed on the right side of Dambovita River, in an easily accessible area, well connected by public transportation, including subway to all main roads of the city. It displays a 1 kilometer view of the Dambovita quay and it is bordered by the Polytechnic University and its green area, offering an excellent profile within the city.

The offices in Sema New Project represent part of a huge real estate development involving the construction of a Class A business park – 526.800 sqm of buildings, 93.500 sqm of shopping village and leisure area, a 21.300 sqm hotel area, a 305.200 sqm residential area including more than 1200 apartments,  and a 18.000 sqm area for buildings for social services (education, health, Municipality).

Ample underground parking: the business park provides a sufficient number of parking spaces, located underground, which allows for the development of the above ground green areas.

Flexible and efficient Space Design: The office buildings have large open plan floors providing for an efficient division of the workspace.

Excellent quality  in execution, materials and finishes: The high quality of the execution, materials and finishes of the buildings represents the principal tenet of the Sema City global project and it is reflected in all of its components.

Services complimentary to business activities: Central reception areas, maintenance areas for quick intervention, security and cleaning services, relaxation areas and coffee-shops,

Security, control access and intelligent security systems for building management: Starting with the underground area and up to the last floor of each building, each centimeter of the building is connected to an intelligent infrastructure communicating parameters regarding security, access and utilities control.

Modern architecture based on high aesthetic values: The area designated as the lobby for each building shall be designed as a vast elegant atrium space, with large glass enclosed areas .

A powerful image a location in Sema City will give your company the image associated with the values defining this project: excellence, dynamism and modernity.

Excellent positioning for corporate identity: We aim to correctly signal the presence of the companies located within the business park area by means of high-level corporate communication.