Commercial Court in Bucharest rents 3,000 sqm in Sema Parc

"After the auction we rent nearly 3,000 square meters in Sema Parc for a period of five years, and from 1 October wards six and four (commercial, administrative and fiscal) should move Unirii Boulevard 37, where now, in the Bucharest Tribunal in the new space, where the judge commercial disputes, "said ZF Laura Andrei, president of the Bucharest Court.

The commercial court, as will be known in the business, will leave with 60 judges and nearly 100 auxiliary workers.

The new space will have eight courtrooms and boardrooms ten. 31 May Bucharest Court was a balance of 30,000 business processes (of 188,000, how many have Bucharest Court) who will leave in the fall in Sema Parc.

The space will be arranged especially for what we need and downstairs will be a branch of the Office of Trade, said Andrei Laura.

"Businesses and lawyers specialized in commercial law asked us much space suitable for commercial cases where the parties time and money matters most, she noted. I hope that now we can we provide that and we want to have judges increasingly better trained and specialize in these trade disputes, so that, in time, to exist and uniform legal procedures, "added Laura Andrei.

Also will introduce electronic communication with parties to shorten processes increasingly more.

Taking the number of judges will increase especially the Commercial Court will enter into force as personal bankruptcy, which could bring thousands of pending cases.

A specialized commercial court project was supported by former justice minister Robert Cazanciuc, who comes from a generation of law graduates (1995) where several graduates have reached the top of large law firms. The best example is the Tuca Zbârcea & Gabriel Zbârcea, number 1 in the market.

Andrei Laura would not specify what will pay the rent tribunal, because "we have confidentiality clauses." However, it is a very good rent at market price, and the package includes all necessary arrangements, including the security for the court, she said.

At current market prices, with base rents of between 12 and 16 euros per square meter, the discount can reach up to a rent of 10 euros / sqm. In this case, the lease for five years can reach 1.8 to 2 mil. Euro. (Source: