Business Park


The business area of Sema New Project offers companies, Class A office buildings located in a natural and balanced environment. The shape, structure and excellent location of these edifices will adapt to the original vision and personality of each business.


Following this principle, three types of buildings are being developed:

City Buildings

Located along the Dambovita River the buildings offer an excellent visual impact for the companies which want to impress with a powerful, dominant image.

Courtyard Buildings

Located in the area behind the city buildings, their elegant and functional structure matches and enhances the dynamic personality of the companies leasing these buildings.

Pavilion Buildings

Situated in the heart of the green zone of the project, these edifices are structured as independent and/or interlinkable buildings; they are self-managed, have their own, underground parking area, a facility which can be offered to one or more companies that would rent one of these buildings.