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Sema City is a mixed development project in Bucharest, for both business and area of retail structured on three levels of addressability: building complex class office, retail and leisure, embedded in a "shopping village" and apartments arranged in a premium residential complex.

Business area

Which occupies the largest area in relation to the entire project, offering tenants Class A office buildings, located in a natural and harmonious, equipped with all facilities: fiber optic telecommunication, digital television and Internet access broadband, these features are also present in the residential area. The shape, structure and layout of office buildings, provide a generous offer, perfectly adapted to the requirements of the market.

There are three categories of property in the ensemble Sema Office: buildings of "urban" (city buildings) located street in the vicinity of the river Dambovita, addressed mainly to large companies with a strong impact on the image. The buildings of "patio" (courtyard buildings), perfectly suited for medium to large companies, whose identity is well represented in the spaces between 10,000 and 15,000 sqm. The buildings of "flag" (pavilion buildings) are independent construction and / or interconnected with its own administration, parking area and facilities for equally a single company or multiple companies that rent space.

The residential area

Will include 1,200 residential apartments, each with surfaces between 80 and 260 sqm, located in buildings 4 and 5 levels. In a space in the proximity of these homes, they concentrated areas of services, which will provide the facilities necessary for that large areas of interest: gyms, medical centers, law firms, maintenance clubs, parks, playground, kindergarten and other.

The commercial area

Will be distinguished by an innovative format inspired by the modern "shopping village" in European capitals. The novelty lies in offering commercial space with ground floor and mezzanine, retail who wish to present different commercial formats. In the same area will be built entertainment center with multiplex cinema, restaurants, chic cafes and exhibition spaces. There will be seating areas and related services - outdoor and indoor.


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